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  • Ruff Life Gear Hands-Free Leash wins Hubba's Top Pick for 2017

    Congratulations to the Ruff Life Gear Team!

    In January of this year, Ruff Life Gear was selected by Hubba (a business-to-business platform with over 50,000 brands) as the TOP pick for 2017. The NEW Hands-Free & Tangle-Free leash was awarded the honor. 

    This new leash is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle. The leash has all the amazing features of the Coil leash but it is made with a hands-free wrist wrap.  It is great for walking, hiking, paddle boarding, surfing, rollerblading or at the beach, lake, pool, or any adventure with your BEST FRIEND.  Also, excellent for use with a stroller, bicycle, skateboard, or wheelchair.

    Let's not forget that in 2014 at SuperZoo Ruff Life Gear was nominated by Petsmart as the most innovative product.

    Team Ruff Life Gear continues to create unique, innovative, durable, and functional products

  • Who Wants To Go For A Run With Their Dog!

    Ruff Life Gear has the answer for an afternoon jog with your dog. Make the run enjoyable for you and your four-legged running partner by using a hands-free runner’s belt.

    A unique, durable, fun, and multi-functional dog leash that can be used while running, hiking, walking, talking on your cell phone, or drinking your morning coffee. 

    A hands free leash that you can wear around your waist, shoulder or hand. Also functions as a temporary tether for your dog. 

    The buckle allows you to alter the length of the leash.  Adjustable hands free dog leash extends up to 6.5 feet. Second neoprene padded handle for extra Control. Suitable for small dogs and big dogs . 

    Made in the U.S.A!

  • WIN! $50 Store Credit from Ruff Life Gear!

    $50 Store Credit Giveaway!

    Take part in our giveaway today! Stock up on quality dog running leash and padded dog collars now! Win $50 store credit when you join our contest! How to take part:

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  • How Dog Exercise Can Help You Bond with Your Pet

    How Dog Exercise Can Help You Bond with Your Pet

    Besides the usual walks around the park, there are actually several other activities that you can do together with your pet. These various activities won’t just give them the exercise that they require but can also train them in specific aspects, such as agility and obedience. Exercising and being active with your dog is a great way for the two of you to bond. Here are a couple of outdoor activities for you to try on your next outing.


    Real bonding with your pet takes place when you take some close one on one time with your pet. Hiking is great outdoor activity for you and your dog, it allows you to experience nature together, get a healthy dose of exercise and bond in a peaceful environment. Don’t forget to take plenty of water for your dog when you go out for a hike, especially on a hot day.

    Dog Camps

    A less obvious activity which you can partake in with your dog is Dog camps. This activity is intended for dog owners to meet each other and to let their dogs to socialize with other dogs. Camping is a wonderful way to experience the outdoors and your dog will be a willing and ready companion. Also, if you choose to camp near a lake or stream, your dog can play in the water while you relax nearby with a good book.

    Playing Fetch

    Another great way to exercise with your dog is to play fetch; toss the tennis ball, and then race him to see who can get it first. Chances are your dog will you beat you to the punch, yet this beats the heck out of sprints and can be so much more fun. Playing fetch with your dog is a beneficial activity to take part in. Terriers and sheepdogs again will love this type of activity. Chasing a ball is a characteristic nature for dogs and they love nothing more than a game of fetch with you.

    Dog Workouts

    There are parks especially made for dogs to workout otherwise known as agility trails. They are several obstacle courses that your dog will without a doubt enjoy experiencing. Ramps, hurdles, balancing bridges, along with several other obstacles will give your dog that full workout it so desires. Today, more canine friendly communities are offering them for the residents and their pets.


    Swimming is a great form of exercise for both dog and owner. Though not all dogs are natural swimmers, most will learn to enjoy it. Enjoying the water during the summer months will cool off your pet while they also are immersed in the physical activity of this low-impact sport. Swimming won't strain the joints, yet it works many muscles at the same time. Carry along a few buoyant fetch toys to toss for your canine pal to retrieve and return to you.

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