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  • Life Lessons Dogs Teach Us While Walking Outside

    For many dog owners, walking the dog is more of a chore than an opportunity. Have you ever wondered why your dog gets so excited when it’s time for that walk though? Perhaps it’s because they understand the opportunity that is being presented. To explore, feel the sunshine on their face, the breeze on their ears. There is much to be learned in every aspect of their lives with us. Some life lessons dogs teach us, however, can be learned while simply taking them on a walk.


    Enjoy Every Moment

    While you are out walking your furry friend, have you ever noticed their behavior? Your companion isn't preoccupied with your destination or which way you should turn, rather, they enjoy the journey. They take in the sights and smells that are all around them. They are looking for new experiences rather than wrapped up in trivial thoughts. If we were always looking for and excited about new experiences, rather than being worried about the moments that have already passed us by, what could we accomplish?


    Stop and Smell the Flowers


    When you're walking your dog, are you actually enjoying the walk? Are you taking in the surroundings? Appreciating the squirrels playing around that tree? Wondering about the types of birds you are seeing? Or are you wrapped up in your smartphone? Most of our daily lives are spent rushing from place to place or wrapped up in a piece of tech that, when not required for our work, is just all consuming of our attention. It is important to get outside and take in your surroundings. Leave the phone at home and notice what is going on around you. Appreciate the beauty of the outside instead of living on your screen. Appreciating nature can naturally decrease your anxiety levels. And who wouldn't want to be as happy as their dog?


    No Matter How Old You Are, You Are Never Too Old To Play

    No matter their age, there is always one game that can turn your canine into a puppy once more. Whether it’s fetch or tug-o-war, a dog is never too old to engage in some rousing play. There are important life lessons to be learned here. Why does play have to stop for us just because we're "grown-up?" Take some time to get out and play. Whether it's with your dog or with your human companions, take the time to enjoy a frivolous activity. Play football, throw a ball, or organize an ultimate frisbee game with some friends! There is always time for play, no matter your age.


    To Make Friends, You Have to Socialize

    Many dog owners fear approaching other pet owners while on a walk. This isn't always about how their dog will act, but about the possible ensuing conversation. It can be nerve-wracking to have a conversation with a stranger! But, how does your dog normally react when they see a friendly, fellow canine companion? They are excited! They want to interact with that other dog and they are immediate friends. Why can't we, as humans, do the same thing? By socializing, we open ourselves up to learn! We create valuable relationships that help us to develop into better people! Dogs innately understand this lesson, and it can be valuable to follow in their footsteps!


    Walking your dog is something that is a necessity for your canine companion. But, have you ever stopped to think about the value that is there for you? There are lessons dogs teach us that will long exceed the life of your friend. So, go ahead, grab your dog leash and dog collar and head on out into the great outdoors. This time though, take it in and put those valuable life lessons into action. What do you think should be added to our list of lessons dogs teach us while walking?

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