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 "Well, we have been using the leashes now for 5 or 6 weeks for running and walking our 3 Labradors in the Minnesota winter. We are really pleased with the Jumbo Coil Leashes! Even in the cold weather, the cord stays pliant, stretches out and springs back easily - great for dogs who bound out into the snow drifts while we are out exercising. The springy coil keeps the leash from dragging on the ground when the dog is close, but extends far enough to allow an occasional sniff or a roll in a snowbank. The swivels on both ends keep the leash from tangling or getting kinked, and they swiveled freely even in the cold weather and when it was snowing out. You also get "paws-up" from the Labs, Yuri, Laika and Ritter, who enjoy not getting tangled up in their leashes.

One of these days I may try to do a short video of Yuri when he sees the Coil Leash and Gentle Leader come out. He goes bananas - squeals and jumps, trying to get himself into his gear for the run. Labs are so wonderful!

Thanks again for a really great product! (LOVE the double swivel, too - very smooth!) Happy dogs, happy humans!"

Nancy & Jim, Yuri, Laika & Ritter

"Thank you for your fun and wonderful product!"

Lynn & Marc

"I've owed a review for some time, but I really wanted to get some experience with the Coil Leashes first. At first it took a little getting used to with the coil action and knowing just how much they would extend at full pull, but the learning curve is steep and now I love them! The handles are uber-comfy and the rest of the leash has proven bullet proof even against powerful 50lb eager butt sniffers! Storage is compact and they stay clean and dry since there is no ground dragging taking place. All in all a great product after the initial owner break in period, the dogs were fine with them right away as long as they meant, "walk!"

Erik & Kathy, Izzie & Casper

"I purchased one of your coil leases at the event in Encinitas a couple of years ago. It is the most amazing thing! Such great quality and it never gets tied up around my dog's legs. The quality of your products is above any others. I get a lot of comments about how original the coil leash is that I use to walk Bella Donna. I am a huge fan of your products!"

Holly & Bella Donna

We LOVE our Surf's Up Dog coil leash. It works great with the Gentle Leader and Buster really enjoys a tangle-free walk or run! Thank you!"

Charlotte and Buster

Thanks again for all of your help! We LOVE your leashes and so do our friends whenever they see them!

Kathy, Tokin, Sequel, and Link'n

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