• The Best Dog Food For Active Dogs

    We all love our pets and want them to lead active lives. The bigger the animal, the more important it is that they get enough exercise. To ensure your dog is able to run and fetch and play as much and as long as possible, he’ll need the right fuel. That means getting the best dog food for active dogs like yours. Many dog foods are full of sugars and carbs. They use plant-based material, instead of the meats and proteins your healthy active dog needs to be happy and keep moving.

    These are the top five best dog food for active dogs to keep your dog feeling energized.

    1. Bully Max High-Performance Premium Dog Food


    Bully Max comes out on top of many dog lover’s lists. This is thanks to it's all natural meat-based formula, high in protein and great for your dog’s energy level. It’s good for all dogs from as young as 4 weeks, no matter the breed. It’s even healthy for nursing or pregnant dogs, and can help give their babies the best start.


    2. Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 Dog Food


    Purina is a trusted name in dog food and for good reason. This Pro Plan dog food brand is one-third protein and two-fifths of healthy good fats. It’s great for athletic dogs who need to build strong, good muscle, at any age. And the glucose formula is good for joints as you put your dog through its paces. It’s a great choice whether you’ve got an athletic show dog or they lead an active lifestyle.

    3. Avoderm Natural Dog Food


    Avoderm natural dog food is chocked full of antioxidants and proteins from quality chicken, lamb, and beef. It also includes avocados for healthy fats, which give your dog healthy skin, and healthy fur. This dry kibble contains no corn, so no added sugars, and the healthy fruits, vegetables and meats are sure to give your dog the energy boost she needs!

    4. Wellness Core Dried Dog Food


    Wellness Core uses real fruits, vegetables, and meat in their dried dog food. They are 31% protein and 21% fats, making them perfect for active dogs. Wellness core makes a puppy chow good for dogs under one year, so you can start your active dog as early as possible on the right path to nutrition.

    5. Taste Of The Wild High Grain Dog Food


    This grain-free formula includes bison and sweet potato, making it a more protein-rich formula that’s filling and healthy. The highly digestible formula is good for dogs of all ages, and the protein and healthy fats will keep your best friend going no matter the exercise regime!

    Active dogs often come from pet parents who also lead a healthy, active lifestyle. There are some essential tools to keep you and your pooch safe and comfortable. Investing in a running dog leash will help immensely. Our running dog belt offers a hands-free solution so you can get the most out of your run. Whether you’re running, hiking, walking, talking on your cell phone, or drinking your morning coffee, this running dog leash has you covered. If you find yourself constantly getting tangles or adjusting your dog’s leash, our coiled dog leashes are for you. This tangle-free feature is a must-have for active owners.


    Our dogs are our best friend, and we want them to keep up with us, no matter what. A healthy, active dog needs the right food at every age and stage. To keep your dog athletic, and strong, feed a high protein, high-fat diet. The brands found in on our best dog foods for active dogs list are sure to please. Whichever you choose, they’ll make sure your dog can keep up with you, wherever you go.

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