• The Surprising Benefits of Hiking with Your Dog

    Let’s start with some hiking essentials before getting into the benefits...safety first!

    Let's Go!

    Most dogs will be delighted and ready to run out the door upon hearing that a walk is in order. For your dog, it’s not just a walk- it’s an adventure! There are some key things, however, to pack before heading out on a hike. Being prepared will ensure a stress-free good time with your four-legged best friend.

    Obviously, food and water are essential for hiking with your dog. An overheated dog can become a potentially fatal situation. Even on cooler days, you need to have plenty of water. Since dogs do not sweat the same way we do, they can quickly overheat. Food is also key as time can get away from you. You will both need to replace all that expelled energy.


    A padded dog collar that is adjusted well so there is no potential of falling off is a must-have! Also, make sure it has your contact information in case your dog gets lost. This will significantly increase the chances of your furbaby being returned to you.


    You’ll definitely need a good, strong leash made for outdoor activities. Running leashes are beneficial for a number of reasons. With all the foliage you’ll be walking through, getting tangled in your dog’s leash is the last thing you want! A coil leash will ensure a safer hike for both you of you. Our coiled leashes are also weather-proof and offer a padded handle for maximum comfort.


    With the proper tools, hiking with your dog doesn’t have to seem like a chore or inconvenient.

    Dog First Aid Kit


    A first aid kit for the furbaby in your life can help in an emergency. All doggie first aid kits should contain the following key items:

    • Gauze pads
    • Adhesive tape
    • Cotton balls
    • Hydrogen peroxide that is changed out each time you go out. This can induce vomiting.
    • Ice pack
    • Disposable gloves
    • Scissors
    • Tweezers


    Knowing the area you are hiking into is a safe bet for everyone. Staying on marked trails or in areas that you are familiar with will help to make any hike easier and more enjoyable. Always be familiar with poisonous plants and be careful to avoid them. A keen eye for dangerous insects as well will make everyone, including your favorite dog companion, come home safe and sound.


    Always Be Prepared

    Have a plan of where exactly you will be hiking and be familiar with that area. If you have not hiked there before, or if this is your first time bringing your dog, be prepared with maps and make sure that a friend or family member knows your destination and the time that you are leaving. Always make sure that who you leave in charge if there is an emergency has all the details on your dog, such as weight, vet name and number, and any allergies, in case medical attention needs to be sought.


    Why Hike with Your Dog?

    You may be wondering about the specific benefits of hiking with your dog. Here are some of the most important ones but we can assure you there are many more!



    Even a simple hike will add physical activity and increase your heart rate. You may even consider finding a safe, level spot to do some yoga!


    Fresh Air

    Being in the outdoors will help to improve your mood and mental health. The fresh air will also make you feel better overall. Take a few moments to close your eyes and take a deep breath!


    Quality Time

    Hiking with your dog is a great bonding activity. It allows you to spend one on one time together without the distractions of everyday life. Your dog will appreciate the attention and it will strengthen your relationship.


    A Ready and Willing Companion

    Most dogs are always ready to take off on an adventure! They will motivate you to get up and get moving! A hike will also give your dog the physical and mental stimulation they need.


    Blow Off Some Steam

    A good hike with your dog will allow you time to calm down in stressful situations. It will also have the same effect on your dog. A dog that is cooped up in the house too long tends to engage in destructive behaviors.



    You are bound to run into others, including dogs, during your hike. This is a great opportunity to meet people and other dogs as well.


    Practice Makes Perfect

    A lot of time is spent training dogs. These commands and tricks need to be practiced and tested. A hike is a perfect opportunity! Using the commands they have learned in an unknown environment, is the ultimate test.

    Taking your dog on a hike is a great way to spend the day or even a few hours together. Nothing beats setting off to explore with your furry companion in the great outdoors!

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