• Must-Have Running Dog Leashes for a Healthier New Year

    Guess what? Your dog has made some New Year’s resolutions you may not know about!  Deep down inside you know what your dog wants. To get out more, travel, and exercise with you in the great outdoors, of course! As a pet owner, you can help them to fulfill their goals for 2019.  You’ll also be doing your own body a favor, as well.

    There are a few tools you’ll need, however, to make it easy and fun for you both. A running dog leash is hands down, the best dog leash for active dog owners.


    Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions with a Running Dog Belt


    If you don’t like to exercise, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Only a small percentage of people actually follow through with their New Year’s resolution to exercise consistently. Lucky for dog owners, our furry friends provide us with plenty of motivation!

    Ruff Life Gear created a multipurpose running dog belt to allow maximum freedom while exercising with your pooch. This running dog belt features a hands-free option so you can run, talk on the phone, or even drink a smoothie. It also has a handle with a neoprene lining that is durable and functional. The unit also offers a second padded handle for optimum control. With the ability to wear your dog running leash on your waist, shoulder, or hand, there’s only one thing left to ask yourself. “Why didn’t I do this a long time ago?!”

    Coil Dog Leash for Running

    Ruff Life Gear also makes a coil dog leash. This was designed with safety in mind. This running dog leash offers tangle-free exercising with a handheld option or a hands-free option. The hand-free coil leash can be worn around the wrist or attached to an object. This includes a stroller, bicycle, or even a wheelchair. This tool helps to make walking or exercising a super easy and safe activity for pets and owners.

    The coil dog leash is also a lightweight and neoprene-based accessory. It features a double swivel design with flexible, strong memory coil. The unit comes in different colors and has a D-shape clip. Additionally, it offers easy cleaning though it is weatherproof, washable, and water, dirt & sand friendly.


    If you or your dog are looking to get in shape this year, Ruff Life Gear has you covered! Whether you need a dog leash for running, walking, or hiking our running dog leashes are the perfect option. Why not keep your New Year’s resolutions while helping your pet to do the same? No more excuses, get started today!

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