• The Top 3 Dog GPS Trackers on Amazon

    A dog GPS device allows you to monitor your pet, even when they out of sight and earshot. Dog trackers keep tabs on your pet while they are inside the safe zone or wanders off. There are multiple options when choosing an effective tracking device for dogs.


    Check out our top 3 choices to wear with our padded dog collar for maximum safety and comfort!

    Whistle 3 Dog GPS and Pet Tracker

    The Whistle 3 notifies you if your dog leaves its safe zone. It tracks your dog's travel route over a 24-hour period, so you can get an idea of where it may have headed if it wandered outside its pre-determined safe zone. The Whistle 3 also monitors activity and times of rest, so you can keep on top of your dog's health and fitness level.

    Whistle 3 is engineered to work across the expanse of the U.S. with its advanced GPS tracking function and cellular technology that accurately pinpoints your dog's location. Because Whistle 3 operates on cellular technology, it requires a subscription plan. It's designed to work with iOS 10, Android 5.0, and more recent versions of both.

    Whistle 3 is powered by a rechargeable battery and will notify you when the battery is getting low.

    Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker

    The Findster Duo+ operates on MAZE technology and requires no cell signal or SIM card. The Findster DUO+ offers real-time tracking, making it easy to monitor your dog, even when your pet is out of sight. If your dog wanders out of the pre-set safe zone, the Findster instantly alerts you.

    In addition to its dog GPS tracking function, the Findster Duo+ monitors your dog's activity and fitness. This gives you an advantage when it comes to tracking your dog's fitness level and general health.

    The Findster Duo+ works in off-grid situations and functions in other countries, making this dog GPS a practical companion for monitoring your pet during travel.


    AnimalRescue Q-Tag

    The Q-Tag features a digital scan code that pings your pet's location when someone scans the tag with a smartphone. Fill the Q-Tag with important information like phone numbers, email, address, and details about your dog. When the tag gets scanned, your contact information will be immediately available.

    The Q-Tag can be linked to AnimalRescue.com without downloading any special apps. This tracking device for dogs boasts anodized aluminum construction in a design that's rustproof and resistant to weather damage, so your dog can wear it on its padded dog collar all day and night.

    There are multiple styles of dog GPS devices to choose from. Go high-tech with Whistle 3 or the Findster Duo+, or keep it simple with the digital scan design of the Q-Tag. When you monitor using dog trackers, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your canine companions are. Investing in a tracking device for dogs allows you to monitor your pet from a distance, while you go about your day.


    Keep in mind, a dog GPS is not a replacement for a pet ID tag. A pet ID tag and microchip are highly recommended as the first barrier of protection. Of course, no dog owner ever wants to think about their pet lost and alone. There are steps and technologies available, however, to ease your mind. We hope these dog trackers help in finding a solution that works for you and your family.

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