• The Beloved Bulldog: Ruff Life Breed Spotlight

    What's stout and wide and has a face full of wrinkles? Bulldogs! This beloved breed of dog is recognized by many by their unique body shape and features. There are several breeds of bulldog but the main bulldog breed is the English Bulldog or the British Bulldog. But no matter how you refer to them, they are an interesting breed! These dogs have solid bodies of a medium stature, with a wrinkled face and a pushed in nose. Even when at ease, they'll appear to be showing you those pointy teeth they have. Fear not, the bulldog has a great temperament and makes a wonderful family dog.


    A bulldog has an instantly distinguishable look! Bulldogs are referred to as a medium-sized breed of dog. They carry themselves in a very wide stance, with an extra wide head and very broad shoulders. Their face is adorned with folds of skins that resemble wrinkles. You can often see their bottom teeth because of a droopy lip. A bulldog's coat is very short in appearance, with colors of red, brown, white, brindle, and piebald.

    Bulldog History

    Bulldog's were first mentioned in literature in the 1500's, where they were often referred to as Bondogge. Later, the name bulldog became popular because of the use of this breed in the sport of bull baiting.

    They were introduced into the New World in mid-17th century because of their usefulness in baiting and herding wild and dangerous bulls in New York and beyond. This timing was convenient because their popularity was dwindling in England with the enactment of the laws against bull baiting.

    Bulldog Health

    Bulldogs have a short lifespan, the median age of one is 6 years 3 months. The top three leading causes of death are:

    • cardiac related
    • cancer
    • old age

    These dogs typically have difficulty breathing because their noses are pushed back in to their skulls and they deal with smaller nasal cavities. It is common for them to labor with breathing, and are known to snore while sleeping.

    Bulldog breeds are susceptible to overheating. Extra caution should be used in warmer climates and during the hot months of the year. Shade and plenty of water are useful to them. An interesting fact is that a bulldog sweats mostly through their feet. As with all dogs, daily exercise is important.

    Adopt a Bulldog

    Bulldogs are an excellent choice for families. They are protective and make a great companion. A bulldog is described as patient and kind, but may be stubborn at times. Breeders have worked to eliminate aggression from this breed and have been very successful. As far as intelligence, they do hover in the bottom third of the dog population, but they are very affectionate.

    To adopt a bulldog breed, consider one of several non-profit bulldog rescue organizations. They are experts on this dog and will help you in making a great choice.

    Bulldog Price

    The cost of adopting a rescue bulldog could be significantly less than purchasing from a breeder -the exact cost will vary.

    If you do purchase from a breeder, expect to pay between $1,500 to $4,000. This high price tag is due to vet costs usually obtained during pregnancy and birth. Bulldogs usually require a c-section because of their wide heads which is a contributing factor to the bulldog price.

    When considering a bulldog, also take into account the cost of maintenance. Things such as food, toys, shots, vet bills, grooming, leashes, and dental products. These cost will vary depending on your area and individual tastes.

    Bulldogs are one of the most loved and popular dog breeds available. They have an amazing appearance that is unique and recognizable. They are a medium size breed and have a great temperament, making them a wonderful family dog. They do have a shorter lifespan and a few health concerns unique to them. Contact a local bulldog club or rescue network for more information on the care and adoption of a bulldog.

    Always remember adding a pet to your family is a life-long commitment that should be taken seriously and discussed with every family member to insure a safe, loving, forever home for your future pet.

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